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Peter Hurst – Profile

Peter Hurst – Profile

Key Attributes
 A leader in international business development having held executive positions with large multinational corporations with full responsibility and accountability for bottom-line performance.
 Professional and adept in structuring international technology exchange, joint ventures, sales and distribution agreements and coordinating multinational / multicultural partnerships leading to inward investment.
 A track record in building and developing large international high-performance teams and mentoring and coaching senior executives on a one-to-one basis.
 In-depth competence in delivering public sector contracts (local, national and EU) using private sector resources and networks.
 Confident and accomplished in front of challenging audiences both internally and externally.

Peter Hurst – Profile

Key Accomplishments
 Building a successful international (own) business in operation for 12 years serving private and public sector clients.
 Multi-million (US$) technology and supply agreements in the aluminium industry involving partners from the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK and South Africa. Applications involved the automotive, beverage, packaging, engineering and building industries.
 Market and product development in the paper industry, securing long-term sales contracts and investment in new technology with a combined value of US$250 million per year in profitable new turnover.
 Leading forward integration in the paper industry involving due diligence and acquisition plans in the EU with considerable involvement in Poland/Austria resulting in a US$300 million investment from South Africa.
 Leading the London International Trade Team of 40 professional business advisers for UK Trade & Investment to secure five years of consistent best performance as the leading region delivering advice for over 500 companies per year. (Still current today).
 Successfully assisting a portfolio of UK mid-corporate clients (£20 to £100 million turnover) to develop their business activity in high-growth markets.
 Headed development initiatives for the S. African Oil & Gas Alliance with a focus on Africa.
 Developing the S. African Small Enterprise Development Agency and its advisers on export development for their clients.

Sector / Industry Experience
 Pulp & Paper
 Packaging & Printing
 Aluminium Primary/ Secondary Products
 Building Products
 Heat Exchangers
 Security Services
 Cosmetics & Toiletries
 Trade Promotion Services
 Continuous Professional Development
 Business Coaching & Mentoring
 Interim Management

Market Experience

 Mozambique
 Angola
South Africa
 Zambia
 Zimbabwe
 Kenya
 Malawi
 Namibia
 Swaziland
 Tanzania
 Egypt

Europe / Scandinavia
 United Kingdom
 Germany
 France
 Italy
 Spain
 Benelux
 Poland
 Switzerland
 Finland
 Sweden
 Rep. of Ireland

Americas, SE Asia, Other
 Canada
 Brazil
 Argentina
 Chile
 Israel
 Hong Kong
 Singapore
 Malaysia
 South Korea

Peter Hurst – Profile

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